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Doctor Profile

Dr. Shravan Bohra

  • Gastroenterology ( Medical ), Organ Transplantation
  • Main Hospital

    MBBS, MD (Med),

    MRCP (London), FEBG (Europe, Gastroenterology)

    Fellow, European Board of Gastroenterology

    Previous Appointments
    • Worked and trained in Ireland / UK for 10 years.
    • Worked at a National Liver and Liver Transplant Centre at St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland (2002-2003)
    • Worked in Beaumont Hospital, a national centre for gastroenterology for 3 years in Dublin, Ireland.
    • Worked as Consultant Gastroentrologist at Cork University Hospital Cork City , Ireland and District Hospital, Dundalk (Ireland).
    • Worked at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, as a Registrar before going overseas.
    Areas of Specialization
    • Gastroenterology/Hepatology (Medical), Organ Transplantation (Liver)
    • Variety of liver Diseases acute and chronic  and Liver Transplantation
    • Treatment of Liver Cancer
    • Advanced GI endoscopic procedures including ERCP
    • Chronic stomach and food pipe related problems
    • Inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis and Crohns’ disease
    • Treatment of cancer of foodpipe, intestine, stomach, pancreas and gall bladder.
    • Pancreatic and gall bladder diseases.
    • Treatment of Abdominal tuberculosis
    • Treatment of alcohol related problems affecting stomach, liver and pancreas


    Awards and Achievements
    • Presented Research work at Irish, British European, American and World Gastroenterology / Hepatology Conferences.
    • One of the only few doctors in India to have Fellowship of European Board of Gastroenterology (FEBG).
    • Consultant on panel (gastroenterology/physicians) BUPA health care- Ireland (1998).
    • Participated in six multi-centric International Drug trials while working in Ireland (1999-2002).
    • Established Liver Clinic and advanced hepatology services at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad
    • Has been coordinating liver transplant services and has been pivotal in establishing liver transplant services at Apollo Ahmedabad where successful cadaver and live related liver transplants have been performed.
    • Performed several TIPS procedures for very ill liver disease patients  (Trans Jugular Intra Hepatic, Porto-Systemic Shunt) successfully at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, first time in the history of Gujarat.
    • Invited as a faculty at several national conferences over the years.
    • Performed many rare and difficult therapeutic GI endoscopic procedures at Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad with extraordinary safety records. Ours is the busiest GI endoscopy center in Ahmedabad  amongst all corporate hospitals.
    • Secretary, Gujarat Society of Gastroenterology since 2008 till date
    • Member of the task force at ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) Delhi appointed by the Govt of India in 2011.


    Other Informations

    Publications :

    • An Audit Of Gastroenterology Referrals At An Urban Teaching Hospital Over A 5-Month-Period.
      • S Bohra, D. Manning, MF Byrne, C.Smyth, SE Patchett, FE Murray.
      • Published in Irish Medical Journal, January  2003.
      • Presented as a poster at British Society of Gastroenterology Meeting in Birmingham       March-02.
    • G.I. Hemorrhage And Acute Colitis: A Presenting Manifestation Of Wegners Granulomatosis – A Case Report.
      • C Steele, S Bohra, P. Broe, FE Murray.
      • Published in European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, September 2001.
    • NSAID Induced Diaphragms & Ulceration In The Colon.


    • MF Byrne, J McGuinness, C. Smyth, D. Manning, S Bohra, SE Patchett, FE Murray.
    • Published in European Journal Gastroenterology & Hepatology, November ‘02.
    • Presented as a poster at AGA meeting San Francisco USA May-2002,
    • “Are The Elderly At Increased Risk Of Flucloxacillin Hepatitis”:
      • S. Bohra, MJ Whelton.
      • Published in Gut, November 1999 (Abstract)
      • Poster presented at  European Gastroenterology Meet (UEGM) in Rome, Italy November -99.


    • S Bohra, D. Manning, MF Byrne, SE Patchett, FE Murray.


    • Presented as a poster at the AGA Meeting, Orlando, USA, May
    • ’03.
    • Is There A Selective Role For Corticosteroids In Alcoholic Hepatorenal           Failure/Encephalopathy With Neutrophilia?
      • S Bohra, B. Cannon, MJ Whelton.
      • Presented as a poster at the Irish Society of Gastroenterology Meeting   in Belfast UK June -98.
    • Familial PBC- Tahira Jabeen, Shravan Bohra, Micheal J. Welton, NUI,Cork, Ireland.


    • Presented as a poster as AGA meeting in USA  May-2000.


    • Abstract published in Gastroenterology, April-2000 Vol.118,issue 4
    •    Cholesterol Ester Storage Disease In An Irish Kindred. An Orange Connection!
      • C Keohane, M Duggan, S Bohra, B Cannon, MJ Whelton.
      • Abstract published in Irish Journal of Medical Science, June ‘ 98
      • Presented as a poster at the meeting on the associations of physicians of Great Britain and Ireland in Cork March -1999.
    • Loki poisoning- Indian Council of Medical Research Task Force,2011 outcome.
      • Assessment of effects on health due to consumption of bitter bottle
        • gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) juice   
    • MP Sharma, Shravan Bohra etal
    • Published in ;  Indian J Med Res 135, January 2012, pp 49-55 
    • A Study Of Glycosylated Hb. In Renal Diseases & Its Biochemical Correlations – (Dissertation)
      • Dr Shravan Bohra
      • This dissertation was published in 1990 (Rajasthan University, India).

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