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Doctor Profile

Dr. Mohit Bhandari

  • Bariatric & Weight Loss Surgery
  • Main Hospital

    MBBS, MS, DMAS (France) MMAS (University of Strasbourg France) , FIAGES

    Areas of Specialization

    Conventional Bariatric Surgeries  - Gastric Bypass, Sleeve

    Gastrectomy ,Banded Gastric Bypass, Duodenojejunal Bypass/Duodenal switch, Ileal transposition, SILS sleeve, BPD and Gastric banding

    Conventional Redo Bariatric Surgeries - Redo conversion of Sleeve to Bypass, Band to Sleeve

    Adolescent & Super Obese Bariatric Surgery

    Diabetes Surgeries –  Gastric bypass, Duodenojejunal bypass, Ileal transposition even on low BMI Diabetics

    Awards and Achievements

    Youngest surgeon in India to have performed more than 2000 Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeries

    Youngest surgeon to be declared as Surgeon of Excellence by Surgical Review Corporation, USA

    First surgeon in central India to perform Gastric bypass, Duodenojejunal bypass, Ileal transposition on low BMI diabetics

    Perform obesity surgery on heaviest patient in Asia at 350 KG

    First Surgeon To Start SILS Sleeve Gastrectomy In Central India

    More than 50 presentations at IFSO, OSSI, Sages

    Live operative demonstration done at different conferences at the State and National Level

    The "M.G.M. Blue Award" (The Pride of M.G.M.) Awarded in 2003 for Academic and  overall excellence in MBBS

    Gold medalist at the Undergraduate level with over 40 medals awarded.

    Multiple Gold medals Awarded by I.M.A. & A.S.I.

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